Founder, Lead Game Designer, Unity Developer

  • Founded game development collective “inochi” ( Japanese for “life”), focused on artistic smaller-scope games around different themes of life
  • Prototype various game concepts to determine the first game title to focus on for “inochi” (in Unity)
  • Define game concept, game design, gameplay mechanics for the first title “a dream? – a poetic experience” from early concept to product (submitted to Independent Games Festival, SXSW Gamer’s Voice Awards and
  • Create level design and the system behind the reactive generative music and sound system
  • Develop the complete game with Unity and C#
  • Playtest “a dream?” with players to inform iterations and adjustments to the game

Platform mobile, PC/Mac, web | Tools Unity, Photoshop, Blender, Word, Google Docs, Pen & Paper

Project Details


Game website / Press Kit Page / Press Kit Zip

  • “a dream? – a poetic experience” puts the player in an experience about different aspects of life, conveyed through an interactive game experience
  • every level has a specific theme associated to the level design and the challenges to the player
  • the reactive generative music and sound system adjust to the progression of the player and conveys the state of the player in the experience
  • the art direction is focused on the feel of a hand-painted world, inspired by traditional Japanese paintings as well as impressionistic paintings

Atmospheric Gameplay Teaser