Lead Product Designer, Lead Game Designer

  • Define key concepts and features for new entertainment platform from early concept to product
  • Specify design documents, system design and user experience of different facets of the product
  • Prototype designs to test assumptions of design (Unity, Flash, Paper Prototyping)
  • Present and discuss feature designs with stakeholders and within the design team
  • Analyze user behavior via direct user tests as well as analytics data via mixpanel
  • Part of the initial core team when establishing the company (me, the CEO, a producer, two engineers). The company grew to 15 people over the period of production.
  • The product is an established project from the entertainment think tank Stupid Fun Club, which was led by Will Wright (SimCity, The Sims)

Platform web, mobile | Tools Unity, Flash, Photoshop, Sketch, Excel, Word, Mixpanel, Google Docs

Project Details

mappable-overview mappable-radiotower mappable-subway

  • Combines elements from game design, computer science and data visualization to provide a new unique way to experience and discover music and artists you enjoy
  • Music artists are arranged by the system spatially on a map based on similarity to each other
    • The system takes many factors into account for the similarity between artists (like genre, subgenre, origin, years active)
  • The consumer can easily zoom and pan to explore and discover areas of interest, giving the consumer more control regarding their discovery process in contrast to other music services
  • The subway system allows consumers to see connection between artists based on specific characteristics
    • Example: If you are interested in “Prince” and interested in the characteristic “Minneapolis Sound”, you can see connected artists with the same characteristic
  • The radio tower allows consumers to easily define a region of interest to play music from that area
    • Example: If you are interested in “Hip Hop”, you can place the radio tower over the “Hip Hop” island
    • You can additionally add filters, so that you can narrow it down to listen to “80s” or “French” within the area, effectively creating easily a Radio Tower that will play “80s Hip Hop” or “French Hip Hop”
  • Unique Selling Point is the transparency of music and their characteristics for users to explore and discover in contrast to the black box recommendation approach by other music services