mappable-overview mappable-radiotower mappable-subway

  • “mappable” combines elements from game design, computer science and data visualization to provide a new unique way to experience and discover music and artists you enjoy
  • music artists are spatially arranged by the system on a map based on similarity to each other
  • the consumer can easily zoom and pan to explore and discover areas of interest, giving the consumer more control regarding their discovery process in contrast to other music services
  • the subway system allows consumers to see connection between artists based on specific characteristics
    • example: if you are interested in “Prince” and interested in the characteristic “Minneapolis Sound”, you can see connected artists with the same characteristic
  • the radio tower allows consumers to easily define a region of interest to play music from that area
    • example: if you are interested in “Hip Hop”, you can place the radio tower over the “Hip Hop” island. Add filters like “80s” or “French” to tune into “80s Hip Hop” or “French Hip Hop”
  • unique selling point is the transparency of music and their characteristics for users to explore and discover in contrast to the black box recommendation approach by other music services