• Part of the Microsoft Imagine Cup competition to address points of the UN Millennium Development Goals
  • The prototyped platform focuses on health care in developing countries
  • The goal is to strengthen the local medical infrastructure by connecting
    • local health care facilities with need of medicine
    • providers of medicine like locally and globally active non-profit organizations, as well as local and global pharmaceutical companies
  • Through a more efficient organization of data and access to the platform the process was intended to be made more efficient than it was at that time
  • The project was designed and prototyped with direct talks about the needs of non-profit organizations to understand the biggest weaknesses in the process at that time


  • Winner Microsoft Imagine Cup 2010 National Final Germany (Software Design)
  • Top 12 Microsoft Imagine Cup 2010 Worldwide Finals (Software Design)
  • Presentation at the conference “Innovation in Technology” at the European Parliament in Brussels, Belgium (October 10th, 2010)