Game Designer, Product Designer

  • Designed gameplay, features and mechanics of digital games and entertainment projects
  • Specified design documents, system design and UX
  • Prototyped designs to test assumptions of design (Unity, Flash, Paper Prototyping)
  • The company was an entertainment think tank which was led by Will Wright (SimCity, The Sims) and backed by EA
  • The focus of the company was to provide pre-production work for new intellectual property for the game and entertainment industry (overarching game design documentation as well as pre-production prototypes)

Platform mobile, console, web | Tools Unity, Flash, Photoshop, Sketch, Excel, Word, Mixpanel, Google Docs

Multiple Undisclosed Projects

  • because of the nature of the company, the products worked on are under NDA and are all new intellectual properties
  • the nature of the products were games (strategy, rpg, simulation, action-adventure) as well as entertainment concepts for consumers
  • “mappable” is a public product of the effort for which a spin-off company was founded and where I acted as the Lead Designer